STSC is a liberal arts major with an interdisciplinary methodology.  It balances core courses and department electives with a submajor focused on a more specialized interest within science and technology studies.  Students select one of five submajors to pursue their individual intellectual goals within the major with a coherent program of pre-approved and petitioned courses. 
Each submajor has a list of pre-approved courses, but these are not required so much as suggestive: STSC majors may request courses not on this list to be included in their program (see below for submajor guidelines).

Submajors (for new majors after January 4, 2017)

Biotechnology and Biomedicine
Energy and Environment
Global Science and Technology
Information and Organizations

Previous Submajors (for current majors as of January 4, 2017)

Cultures of Technoscience
Energy, Environment and Technology
Life Science in Society

Submajor Guidelines and Petitioning Courses for the Submajor:

1) There is a list of pre-approved courses for each submajor, but these are not required courses.  Students should look at them as suggestions as to what kinds of courses may count for the submajor. and may petition courses for their chosen submajor.
SENIORS: in your last semester, petitions must be submitted before the end of add period.

2) How to petition courses other than those pre-approved:  submit a syllabus and petition form, and talk to Dr. Greene or Dr. Benson about your program.  All petitioned courses must make an argument about including this course in your submajor that 1) Connects the course specifically to the topic of the submajor 2) demonstrates a clear relationship between the course and the goals of the STSC major.  (Hint: don't tell me it is perfect for the major and submajor; SHOW how it is with specific evidence.)   Please submit courses promptly during the semester in which they are taken or shortly after. 

STSC Request Form 17C.docx

3) Up to 3 courses from outside the College may be in a submajor.  

4) If a STSC major took a pre-approved course that is later removed from the pre-approved list, it will still count toward that student's STSC major.