There are two levels of independent studies available for HSOC majors.  (Please notice the due date for submitting the application, which is one week after the first day of class in the term.)

Fall 2018: applications for HSOC 299 and HSOC 499 are due on or before Wednesday, Sept. 5th

1. HSOC 299 - Independent Study
     This must be the equivalent in terms of work load of any middle-level course offered in the regular curriculum. All work is graded by the adviser to the independent study.

HSOC 299 Ind Study app 16-17.docx

2. HSOC 499 - Capstone Independent Study
     This is ONLY for fulfilling the capstone research requirement. A student must develop a plan of work that is the equivalent of a semester course at the 400-level in terms of time (approximately 168 hours a term), amount/kind of reading and writing, and original research.  The independent study must include a paper of independent research no less than 20 pages in length.

     As a capstone, HSOC 499 can only fulfill the requirement after the midpoint of the junior year (or during the last three terms before graduation).

     All work is graded by the adviser to the independent study, but the paper may be reviewed by the HSOC Director and Associate Director.

Note: According to College policy, an internship may not be used as an independent study. However, an internship may be used as field work to collect research that may be used later as a part of independent study.)

HSOC 499 Capstone app 16-17.docx

How to do an independent study in HSOC

  • Develop a plan (the equivalent of a course syllabus) in conjunction with an advisor
  • Download the independent study application (at the bottom of this page)
  • Submit your application to Dr. Greene within the first week after classes begin

  • If your application is approved, Dr. Greene will make sure you are issued a permit to register for your independent study (either HSOC 299 or HSOC 499)
  • A second independent study for the HSOC major requires a petition from the student explaining why.