Health and Societies SAB

The HSOC Student Advisory Board is a group of students who plan and sponsor
activities and coordinate information to support the HSOC major. Past activities have
included career panels, blood drives, lectures, field trips, course fairs and social events.
Becoming part of the SAB begins mid-end of year with a call for applications, and a new SAB is 
in place by the beginning of the next year.

Congratulations to our *co-chairs for 2017-2018, Lauren Chin and Josh Jordan!

SAB 2017-2018

Aaron Ahn ‘19

My name is Aaron Ahn and I am a junior in the College concentrating in Public Health. I became interested in Public Health while shadowing physicians around local Los Angeles hospitals. I found that most people living and being provided care in these areas come from different cultures with different types of diseases that need to be taken care of. Through my concentration in Public Health, I hope to learn more about how as a society we can reduce exposure to health risks while educating the public about major health concerns. The major goal in public health (to me) is to be able to better protect our families and communities from these risks. Currently I am doing research at the Penn Presbyterian Medical Center to raise awareness for colorectal cancer by pushing people (who haven't yet) to be screened. I hope to pursue a Master's in public health in the near future and be more involved in the public health field as my time as an undergrad comes to a close. Please feel free to reach out to me about anything! P.S. I also fence!


Sujatha Changolkar ‘18

I am a senior from Philadelphia, concentrating in Healthcare Markets and Finance, and minoring in Statistics and Chemistry. The HSOC major allows for the exploration of the intersection of policy, business, and social facets of healthcare delivery. All of my HSOC classes have opened my eyes to the rapidly expanding and integrative nature of health care, and have completely transformed the way I understand and assess health systems. I am currently involved with research at the Center for Outcomes Research at CHOP and have the chance to apply key HSOC themes, including health disparities and medical economics. In the future, I hope to supplement this knowledge with medical training to improve care and access for communities of need. I would love to learn more about your experiences and share mine; don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the major, classes, student opportunities, or even if just to chat!


Lois Chapla ‘18

My name is Lois and I am a part-time Penn student, full-time Senior Corporate Paralegal at an insurance company in Philadelphia, full-time wife and mother of three daughters. After many years working in the legal insurance community, I decided to go back to school and finish my degree as a Health and Societies Major with a concentration in Health Policy and Law here at Penn. With a combination of my experience in the insurance industry and my continued education, I hope to bridge the gap between resources available to the community and those in need, with a specific focus on Veterans and the Senior Citizens in the Philadelphia area. I know how challenging it can be to coordinate school, career and family and would be happy to share some survival tips I have accumulated along the way. 


*Lauren Chin '18

I am a senior from Southern California concentrating in Healthcare Markets and Finance. Something I am endlessly fascinated by is how the human body and the world works -- this fuels my passion to help improve people’s lives in any and every aspect. I’ve found that the various and complex approaches HSOC takes to healthcare gives me the perfect academic starting point to do that. I truly believe the HSOC community has so much to offer, and hope that you reach out with any questions or just to chat!


Mona Gizaw ‘18

I am a rising senior concentrating in Healthcare Markets and Finance from the Washington D.C. area. I decided on this concentration because of my interest in management and its relationship with providing effective care. I hope to use the tools I have learned in the classroom and apply it to medical practice. In the future, I am interested in balancing my interest in population health and making a direct impact with patients. I am open to discuss anything from following a pre-med track at Penn to balancing pre-med requirements with other extracurriculars and passions. Please feel free to reach out!


Isabel Griffith '18 

My name is Isabel Griffith, and I am a senior from Baltimore, Maryland concentrating in Public Health with a minor in Hispanic Studies. I chose this concentration because it gave me a breadth of possibilities in terms of exploring my interests within the HSOC major. From the beginning, I knew HSOC was the right fit for me. I have always loved the intersection among disciplines and the essential focus on health of populations and health disparities. In the future, I hope to go into the global health field and pursue a Masters in Global Health, with a focus on maternal and child health and the Latin American region. I have always been fascinated by the health of vulnerable populations and finding ways to promote population health as a means to build up populations and even countries. This past summer I spent my time in Costa Rica conducting my honors thesis research on the experience of birth and maternal care for migrants within its public healthcare system. If you are interested in this concentration or conducting an honors thesis, feel free to reach out. HSOC has been an absolutely amazing experience, and I would love to share with others who are interested! 


*Josh Jordan '18

My name is Josh and I am concentrating in Health Policy and Law with a minor in English. While I was originally on the pre-health track, I have learned throughout my time in the HSOC major that there are so many meaningful ways to make a difference in the health of individuals outside of medicine. For the rest of my time at Penn and beyond, I hope to continue to explore law and policy and the ways that they can be manifested to improve domestic and global health outcomes. As someone who has been weaving in and out of majors and tracks my whole time at Penn before coming across HSOC, I am happy to help anyone who is trying to find the right path for them, so definitely reach out if this sounds like you.


Hannah Kim ‘18

My name is Hannah Kim, and I am a senior concentrating in Healthcare Markets and Finance. I enjoy studying healthcare because it is an intricate field that has the potential to benefit everyone globally. HSOC placed my interests in health and medicine into practical situations by developing applicable skills, including critical thinking. There are many future careers that interest me, and HSOC has enabled me to pursue many of those potential paths, whether it is in business, medicine, or more.


Folasade Lapite ‘19

My name is Folasade Lapite, and I am junior concentrating in Bioethics & Society while minoring in both Chemistry and Africana Studies. I find all the HSOC classes to satisfy and stimulate many of my interests. However, I find myself intrigued about bioethical issues in any type of setting. I’m interested in bioethical debates due to my prior background in debate and policy because most of my proposals and cases revolved around bioethical issues in society. This past summer, I interned in clinical research, and I got to see how bioethics issues arise not only in IRBs but also at the Center Meetings in a variety of forms. I’m excited to bring and share these real-life examples back to campus, and I cannot wait to use my background in bioethics in medicine and policy in the future.


Meghana Reddy ‘18

My name is Meghana and I am a senior in the College concentrating in Public Health and minoring in Chemistry. I find this concentration to be extremely versatile and applicable to my interests in medicine and patient care. I have been able to incorporate aspects of HSOC to numerous activities throughout my time at Penn. I currently assist on numerous research projects at an implementation science and mental health policy lab, where I am able to apply the interdisciplinary approaches to health that I have learned through my coursework. Furthermore, I have been able to foster my HSOC interests through numerous global experiences, such as an international bioethics internship in Geneva, Switzerland and the IHP Health and Community study abroad, where I studied public health in India, South Africa and Brazil. I am incredibly excited to be part of the HSOC community so of course feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


Anissa Saylany ‘19

My name is Anissa Saylany and I am a junior from Canada/Texas/Malaysia double majoring in Health Policy & Law and Biology, with a minor in Chemistry. I am on the pre-med track, and hope to pursue health and global policy work and research with an MD. Having an international background, I have always been invested in global health disparities and the manner in which macro and micro level policies can have both global and local implications in the health of populations. Majoring in Health and Societies has given me the incredible opportunity to understand how these policies and laws arise and are evaluated from an interdisciplinary perspective. I am also involved in pediatric global health research at CHOP and reproductive health translational research at Perelman as I pursue real-world understandings of both the social and scientific facets of human health during my time at Penn. I am so excited to be a part of the HSOC SAB so that I may help cultivate engagement and community inside and outside of the classroom!