We are happy to announce that the long delayed celebration of our department's 50 anniversary, originally scheduled for fall 2020, will now take place in Fall 2022. Only two years late!

We are working on setting a final date but the weekend long event will be on a weekend in October 2022, with a panel and reception on Friday, workshop on Saturday with dinner, and Sunday morning breakfast and field trip. After our initial query in 2019 we had many enthusiastic responses. We hope to have about 150 alums, former faculty, and department friends join for this celebration in Philadelphia. As soon as we have an exact date pinned down, we will send out another query for participation in 2022.

It has been too long since we saw you all, and we look forward to welcoming everyone back to campus in 2022!

With best wishes,

Chair Susan Lindee and the entire HSS Faculty and Staff