Core Courses  -- ONE of these courses is required. Core courses may also be used as pre-approved electives. 

GSWS 002 Gender and Society
HSOC 216 Gender and Health
SOCI 122 Sociology of Gender
STSC 329 Gender and Science

Electives - 5 cu

A concentration may contain no more than 3 non-College courses.

Petitions are welcomed for relevant courses not on these lists.

ANTH 332 Medicine and the Language of Pain
ANTH 334 Feminist Ethnography
BIBB 109 Introduction to Brain and Behavior
ENGL 107 Medicine and Literature (formerly ENGL 085)
GRMN 253 Freud
GSWS 149 Law/Social Policy of Sexuality and Reprod
GSWS 235 Psychology of Women
GSWS 242 Science of Sex and Sexuality
GSWS 588 Politics and Women's Health
HIST 345 Gender in American History to 1865
HIST 346 Gender in Modern American History
HIST 349 History of Sexuality in the U.S.
HSOC 334 Birth Culture and Medical Technology
*NURS 318 Race/Class/Gender in Hlth Care
*NURS 324 US Child Health
*NURS 332 Issues in Contemporary Sexuality
PHIL 028 Intro to Feminist Philosophy
SOCI 104 Sociology of Sex
STSC 209 Race and Gender in Global Science