Health & Societies Major:  Dr. Barnes & Dr. Greene

How to Become an HSOC Major


Dr. David Barnes, Director, Health & Societies

Office: Cohen 323

Office Hours: Monday 10:30-11:30  Thursday 12-1



Science, Technology and Society Major:  Dr. Benson  &  Dr. Greene

How to become an STSC Major


Dr. Etienne Benson, Undergraduate Chair, STSC

Office: Cohen 



Dr. Ann Greene, Associate Director for Undergraduate Studies (HSOC, STSC) & Bioethics Adviser for the College

Office: Cohen 391

Office Hours: M 1-3  TW 10-11  TWR 2-4 and by appointment.  

My door is open during these hours. I do have sign-up sheets posted outside my office door so that students can choose a time convenient for them, and hopefully not have to wait too long.   Drop-ins are always welcome if you want to swing by and see if I am available.

***No advising hours on Thursday 11/16, Monday 11/27, Tuesday 11/28 (no am hours)



Major Advising Program (MAP) in the College 
(undergraduate advisors for HSOC, STSC and other majors)