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Thinking about Life After Penn

"What can I do with an HSOC or STSC major?" What can't you do with an HSOC or STSC major?

Our interdisciplinary programs provide the knowledge and skills needed for a rapidly changing and interconnected world.  With a strong understanding of the relationship between different sectors and disciplines, backed up by critical thinking, strong writing, research and speaking skills, our students have a wide variety of options after graduation with an STSC or and HSOC major, including health- and science-based positions, consulting, finance, public policy, and non-profit work.   Many of our students go on to graduate school within a few years of graduation, in medicine, law, public health, and business.  Our undergraduates also benefit from a growing network of alumni.

If you believe that having a liberal arts major is a liability on the job market, then you need to read this article:  "Revenge of the Liberal Arts Major"
and follow this link to find out what you can do with your liberal arts major. 

Take a look at

and read the "Alumni News" for STSC and HSOC for ideas about life after Penn and people to contact in our alumni network.

Job hunting involves a set of skills that you can learn.  No one expects you to know how to do it already, you will learn by doing.  Begin by breaking the process down into manageable tasks: exploring the Career Services website, making an appointment and more appointments with Career Services, writing a resume and having Career Services review it, drafting cover letters, learning to use the Career Services research resources, identifying your interests, and learning about what kinds of jobs there are, how to find them and how to apply for them.

Link to Penn Career Services website

Make an appointment with Career Services

Write a resume and have it reviewed by Career Servivces

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