Life After Penn

Thinking about Life After Penn

Our interdisciplinary programs provide the knowledge and skills needed for a rapidly changing and interconnected world.  With a strong understanding of the relationship between different sectors and disciplines, backed up by critical thinking, strong writing, research and speaking skills, our students have a wide variety of options after graduation with an STSC or and HSOC major, including health- and science-based positions, consulting, finance, public policy, and non-profit work.   Many of our students go on to graduate school within a few years of graduation, in medicine, law, public health, and business.  Our undergraduates benefit from a growing network of alumni.

Read "Revenge of the Liberal Arts Major" if you are wondering what you can do with your HSOC or STSC major.

Remember that job hunting involves a set of skills that you can learn.  No one expects you to know how to do it already, you learn by doing.  You can begin by breaking the process down into manageable tasks: exploring the Career Services website, making an appointment and more appointments with Career Services, writing a resume and having Career Services review it, drafting cover letters, learning to use the Career Services research library, identifying your interests, and learning about what kinds of jobs there are, how to find them and how to apply for them.

Read "The 10 Worse Mistakes of First-Time Job Hunters" (link)

Read descriptions of different kinds of jobs and occupations

Go to Penn Career Services website


Find out  "What can I do with my major?" 

Make an appointment with Career Services

Write a resume and have it reviewed by Career Servivces

Read alumni News for STSC and HSOC for ideas about life after Penn

Read "How to Answer the Ten Toughest Interview Questions" on this Forbes site called "There are only Three True Job Interview Questions" (scroll down to the left)

  • For health Careers

    See our internship database on this page of our website (look for pdf at bottom)
    Some of the items may be out of date, but it may give you an idea of the range of organizations and occupations that are out there, as well as some potential contacts.

    See the American Public Health Association's career resources website:

    See "Public Health Online" for resources.  This organization is chartered with providing community resources for public health careers and education.This site provides in-depth public health career information centralized in one place for specialty public health careers, and provides actionable information through salary tools, career path timelines, and job resources.

    Guide to Public Health Careers offers in-depth insights from four industry experts on the diverse set of career paths for those studying public health.

    Guide to MPH (Masters in Public Health) options for students and addresses issues such as accreditation, learning formats, affordability and scholarships.

    Here are the links to both of these free guidebooks:

    See Table 2 in this article from the American Journal of Public Health about study and careers in public health.

    Public health career guide and website
  • Graduate School

Penn Career Services/For Students Considering Graduate or Professional School

Writing Graduate School Essays

  • Fellowships

CURF - Fellowships

Philly Fellows A one-year fellowship program that connects recent graduates with challenging non-profit jobs that make a difference in Philadelphia.

Leonore Annenberg Teaching Fellowship Partnership for Public Service

Netter Center for Community Partnerships

International Internships Think Tanks and Civil Society Program (TTCSP)

AIESEC Internships InterAction (international internships)

Inter-American Development Bank

U.N. Development Programme

World Bank Young Professionals Program and Region-Specific Internships

Wellstone Fellowship for Social Justice

Villers Fellowship for Health Care Justice

Echoing Green Fellowship

Fulbright Grants  

  • Postgraduate Service Opportunities

Doctors Without Borders

Global Volunteers

Heifer International

International Volunteer Programs Association

U.N. Volunteers

Peace Corps

Teach for America


World Volunteer Web

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