Science, Technology and Society Major

"STSC challenged me to examine the relationships between science and technology, and the material, social, religious, political, and cultural environments in which these practices occur.  This type of thinking and approach, along with the writing and research skills I developed, have been applicable to many aspects of my job and graduate level courses." (2010 grad)

       Science, Technology and Society (STSC) is a liberal arts major that examines how the modern world of technology and science came to be and what it means.  Our majors study the relationship between scientific knowledge, technological changes, and sociotechnical systems by examining the history of science and technology, the social contexts in which they occur, the development and character of organizations of people and things that make up science and technology systems, and the social and cultural consequences of scientific and technological change.


Goals of the Science, Technology & Society Major

On completion of the program, an STSC major should be able to:

  • read scientific and historical texts critically, and assess their social, cultural, and political origins and ramifications;
  • identify the social determinants of science and technology in a variety of historical and contemporary contexts;
  • analyze the interplay of historical factors that have resulted in particular scientific and technological outcomes and policies;
  • pursue in-depth research projects using published sources, archival material, and technical and experimental data;
  • analyze data using both quantitative and qualitative methods.