Rosanna Dent

Doctoral Candidate
Entered 2010
M.A. History and Sociology of Science, University of Pennsylvania
A.B. Biology, Brown University
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369 Cohen Hall
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My academic interests focus on the history of Brazilian human genetics and anthropology. Inquiring into research on indigenous populations since the late 1950s, my dissertation tracks diverse forms of researcher-researcher and subject-researcher interactions. From the highly interdisciplinary agendas of the mid-century, I trace the evolving engagement of social and natural scientists with indigenous people. I examine the many facets of humanness that researchers have attempted to understand through indigenous subjects or interlocutors. In turn, I ask how indigenous actors have engaged with their academic visitors to their own political and social ends. 

After four years teaching and working in Quito, Ecuador, I joined HSSC in 2010. My broader interests include indigenous studies, race and gender theory, and all things Brazilian. I completed exams in the fields of Modern Latin America, Anthropology of Biomedicine, and History of the Life Sciences and Medicine. My preferred writing soundtrack is samba. 


Os meus interesses acadêmicos concentram-se na história da genética humana e da antropologia no Brasil. Investigando a pesquisa com povos indígenas desde o final da década de 1950, minha tese aborda as diversas formas de interação entre pesquisadores bem como entre pesquisadores e sujeitos das pesquisas. Partindo dos agendas altamente interdisciplinares da metade do século, delineio as mudanças no engajamento de cientistas naturais e sociais com populações indígenas. Examino as dimensões múltiplas da natureza humana que os pesquisadores tentavam conhecer através dos sujeitos ou interlocutores indígenas. Por outro lado, pergunto como os indígenas engajavam-se com seus visitantes acadêmicos tendo em vista os seus próprios interesses políticos e sociais.