Allegra Giovine

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Doctoral candidate
Entered 2011
M.A., University of California-Berkeley
B.A., Cornell University
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I am interested in the history of social sciences, particularly the history of economic and sociological study of development, growth, and modernization.  Specific topics include the international history of development economics post-WWII (with special attention to East and Southeast Asia) and the intellectual history of social science scholarship on these topics in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Broader issues include the role of normative concepts in social science theory and the effect of research network structures on the emergence or suppression of alternate theoretical formulations.  I have a few years of experience in the field of international maternal mortality research at Columbia University.  I earned my BA (2006) from Cornell University in the College Scholar Program and my MA (2008) from the University of California, Berkeley in linguistics.