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HSOC 251 Students Share Research at Public Health Symposium

Students in Foundations of Public Health (HSOC 251), taught this term by Dr. Rosie Frasso (from the Center for Public Health Initiatives) gathered to share their research and recommended solutions for Penn students’ health concerns at Penn’s first Public Health Undergraduate Symposium.

Etienne Benson wins Joel A. Tarr Envirotech Article Prize

Assistant Professor Etienne Benson was awarded the 2015 Joel A. Tarr Envirotech Article Prize at the recent Envirotech meeting held at the American Society for Environmental History Conference, held in Seattle, WA.  The prize is for his article, "Generating Infrastructural Invisibility: Insulation, Interconnection, and Avian Excrement in the Southern California Power Grid," Environmental Humanities 6 (2015): 103-130.

Luke Messac and Journal of Policy History

A blog post, published by The Conversation, is based on an article doctoral candidate Luke Messac (M.D./PhD program) recently published in the Journal of Policy History. The post gives a brief history of the genesis of "the other opioid crisis"--that is, the dearth of opioid analgesia in many countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

Dissertation Defense: Whitney Laemmli

Whitney Laemmli defended her dissertation, "The Choreography of Everyday Life: Rudolf Laban and the Making of Modern Movement," on February 29th.

Whitney will be at the Columbia Society of Fellows for 2016-2019.

STSC freshman seminar featured in Penn News

Ian Petrie's fall 2015 Freshman Seminar is featured this week in Penn News

Congratulations, Dr. Voskuhl!

Congratulations to Dr. Adelheid "Heidi" Voskuhl on getting tenure!

Welcome to Ramah McKay, Assistant Professor

The Department welcomes Ramah McKay as our new assistant professor.