Link to the most recent issue of Momentum!


Find it at our Open Scholar site

and also at the Scholarly Commons on the Library webpage

Interested in submitting to future issues of Momentum? What kind of work is eligible:

Many types of work are eligible for this journal (not just traditional academic work) provided it is relevant to the contextual perspective on science and technology represented by the STSC major.
Examples include:
    * Papers written for a course, independent study projects, theses
    * Short critical pieces on contemporary issues (i.e. op ed pieces from an STSC perspective, commentary on current events)
    * Reviews of books, movies, museum exhibitions, etc.
    * Photographic projects, artistic or digital/multimedia work

If you are interested in submitting work to Momentum

Send a copy of your work along with a short statement (no more than a paragraph) about why it is appropriate to be published in Momentum to this email

Additional Roles: Interested in design, layout, formatting and/or editing? We’re looking for students to help with other aspects of publishing the journal besides writing. Email with any questions or to find out more information.