HSOC SAB (Student Advisory Board)

Health and Societies SAB

The HSOC Student Advisory Board is a group of students who plan and sponsor
activities and coordinate information to support the HSOC major. Past activities have
included career panels, blood drives, lectures, field trips, course fairs and social events.
New members will be chosen midyear to overlap with graduating senior members. 

Email us at hsocsab@gmail.com

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SAB 2014-2015

Prisca Alilio '16
(palilio) (Global Health)

My name is Prisca Alilio, I am a junior in the College interested in international health systems. My family is from Arusha, Tanzania and although I've spent most of my life in the US, I would like to dedicate my time to understanding and improving Tanzania's health care system. I concentrated in Global Health because it intersects the quirks of culture with the science of health. I hope to pursue an MD/MPH to learn policy and medical practice together. I believe the HSOC advisory board provides a wonderful opportunity to connect with the HSOC family, bringing together common and creative interests. 

Lois Chapla '16 (lchapla) (Health Policy and Law)

My name is Lois and I am a part-time Penn student, full-time Senior Corporate Paralegal at an insurance company in Philadelphia, full-time wife and mother of three daughters.  After many years working in the legal insurance community, I decided to go back to school and finish my degree as a Health and Societies Major with a concentration in Health Policy and Law here at Penn.  With a combination of my experience in the insurance industry and my continued education, I hope to bridge the gap between resources available to the community and those in need, with a specific focus on Veterans and the Senior Citizens in the Philadelphia area.  

Sofia Duque '15, Co-Chair (sduque) (Health Care Markets & Finance) 

My name is Sofia and I'm a Healthcare Markets and Finance concentration and I'm also on a premed track. I'm interested in healthcare management because I'm fascinated by the overlap between healthcare policy and healthcare delivery as well as exploring the various dimensions that drive medicine. I have experience doing clinical research, scientific research and social science research. I also have experience working with Medicare health insurance and and would be happy to answer any questions regarding these opportunities or about HSOC and premed courses. 

Angela Huang '15 (anghuang) (Heath Care Markets & Finance) 

Hello! My name is Angela and I'm a Healthcare Markets and Finance concentration, with a minor in Economics. I am passionate about healthcare management because it involves many players and has the capacity to powerfully affect lives. With an HSOC major, post-graduation I hope to help improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare delivery from a management perspective. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about HSOC courses or the major in general! 

Ellen Kim '15 Co-Chair (kimek) (Public Health)

Ellen is a senior concentrating in Public Health. She is currently working on a senior thesis that examines the history of psychiatry and the architecture of mental institutions. She has also carried out ethnographic research and a community health survey in Guatemala. If you'd like more information on getting started in research, or are interested in pursuing a senior thesis, feel free to contact her by email.

Stephanie Luu '15 (sluu) (Health Care Markets & Finance)

My name is Stephanie Luu, a rising senior concentrating in Health Care Markets and Finance. I became passionate about healthcare, especially regarding healthcare delivery and healthcare policy, after some personal family experiences. Due to the lack of a healthcare program, I had transferred from the University of Virginia, where I was studying Finance and Management. I have experience working in the Trauma department at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, researching for the global health  non-profit Children of Vietnam, and interning in the Finance division at Kaiser Permanente. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions about my experiences, the major/concentration, or our wonderful Penn community in general!

Ifenweoge Ofuani '16 (iofuani) (Health Policy and Law)

My name is Martha and I am concentrating in Health Policy & Law. While I am interested in possibly pursuing a career in the medical field, I am especially interested in learning more about healthcare policies and how they produce the health disparities that exist between different age groups, ethnicities, and genders. Because healthcare is such a multifaceted issue, I have worked with nonprofit organizations that have focused in nutrition & sustainable agriculture, education, and STEM field exploration. Though I am not completely certain what health-related career I want to pursue, I know that I want to be a part of something that addresses and combats the health issues that traditionally marginalized and politically underrepresented communities face. If you are in a similar situation or share similar interests, don't hesitate to reach out to me for advice!

Seema Patel '16 (pseema) (Public Health) 

My name is Seema Patel and my concentration is Public Health, in addition to the premed track. While I always envisioned myself being a doctor, my passions did not follow the same premed rigors as biology or chemistry; I wanted to seek diversity in the health field. The HSOC major reflects my interdisciplinary commitment to science, and public health has allowed me to understand how things have come to be the way they are today, and become capable of intervening to affect needed change. I hope to share my experiences of the diversity of the major with the undergraduate community, and later in medical school, residency, and as a practicing physician.

Eileen Wang '16 (eiwang) (Global Health)

Caitlin Weiss '16  (weissca) (Public Health)
My name is Caitlin and I'm a Public Health concentration. I've chosen to study public health because I'm interested in the many factors that influence the health of individuals and populations beyond the presence or absence of a particular disease. I currently work as an Education and Wellness intern for a public health nonprofit in Philadelphia that focuses on English literacy, and I have done a lot of clinical volunteering in the past. I'm also a premed student with minors in Chemistry and Hispanic
Studies, so I would be happy to answer any questions about HSOC, premed courses or volunteering!

(All email addresses are @sas.upenn.edu)