Health & Societies Major Program Goals

   GOALS of the Health & Societies Major

Upon successful completion of the HSOC major, students will be able to:

  • read scientific and medical texts critically, and assess their social, cultural, and political origins and ramifications;
  • identify and define key social determinants of health in a variety of historical and contemporary contexts;
  • analyze the interplay of factors that have resulted in particular health outcomes and policies;
  • integrate methods from history, sociology, anthropology, and other disciplines in empirical assessments of communities, populations, and policy interventions on multiple levels;
  • pursue in-depth research projects using published sources, archival material, and ethnographic and experimental data;
  • analyze data using both quantitative and qualitative methods; and
  • participate in the design of effective multipronged strategies to address health challenges in local, national, and international contexts.

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